Language Arts Resource Journal

Parts of Speech Poem with Parts of Speech definitions
Unit 1:  Hard & Fast Rules

Hard & Fast Rules for Grammar:  This attachment includes the rules for the following:

 Comma Usage
 Quotation Marks
 Plural Nouns
 Commonly Confused Words
Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections!

Prepositions Examples and Flip Book
Prepositional Phrases
Correlative Conjunctions
Verbs and Their Tenses

Action, Linking, Helping Verbs
Main & Helping Verbs ----POWERPOINT LESSON
Linking Verbs

Present Tense Power Point Lesson
Present Tense Verbs

Past Tense Verbs
Future Tense Verbs
Tense Fenses
Dead Words
Dead Verbs

Types of Sentences  Part 1 and Part 2
Types of Sentences Examples
Subjects and Predicates
Simple & Compound Subject & Predicate Notes
Compound Subjects and Compound Predicate Notes
Compound Sentences
Sentences vs. Fragments vs. Run-Ons
 Informative Unit Resources

Practicing Note Taking
Illinois:  Video Link     Article Link

Descriptive Informative Paragraphing
Seed Dispersal:  Video Link     Article Link

Comparing and Contrasting Paragraphing
Pollination:  Video Link     Article Link

Cause & Effect Paragraphing
Malaria:  Video Link     Article

Problem & Solution Paragraphing
Sugar:  Video Link    Article Link

 Comma Usage Unit

Commas in a Series
Tag Questions Power Point
Direct Address Power Point
Introductory Clauses Power Point
Appositives & Appositive Phrases Power Point
Appositives and Interrupters Power Point
Comma Usage with Quotations Power Point

Winter Olympics Descriptive Writing Resources